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Protecting your investment should not mean over paying

3 Important Considerations

Loss of Rent

What do you do to supplement your income if your building is damaged and you cannot collect rent while it is being repaired or replaced? Landlord Insurance can help cover these costs if  you are unable to collect any rental income due to a covered event. This is standard on most landlord policies, but the standard may not meet your needs.

When talking with your agent, make sure you talk about your anticipated rental income so they can recommend the right level of coverage for your particular situation.

Landlord Liability

Your regular homeowners policy normally includes liability coverage, but having tenants involved adds some new risks, that you may want to double check when it comes to your liability coverage on your landlord insurance policy.

Landlord Insurance policies help protect against if a sues for wrongful eviction or wrongful entry. This may also help if a worker or even a guest gets injured on your property. Having this extra layer of protection for mistakes, and even things you may not be able to prevent, can save a lot of money in the future.

Your Items

One of the main points of a policy covering a rental property is to obviously protect the building itself, but not necessarily your tenants items.

Carefully review what you may have provided within your unit though, and do not forget that those have a cost to them if something was to happen to your building. This includes everything from appliances such as a refrigerator, to other provided items such as a lawnmower or other maintence equipment.

One of our licensed agents can help you find the best options available.

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